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Kohls = Welcome to the Land of Suck and Harassment

Ahhhhhhhh, dildo! Argh, Mina is angry and going to make a stupid work rant. Read if you want, if not...well then don't. Duh! heh.

Most of you know that I work at Kohl's, even though I just graduated but the economy sucks and finding a job is like a hooker not carrying an STD/STI...yeah it's pretty slim. Anyways, don't EVER work at Kohl's unless you have to cause it royally sucks. I kinda lost my train of thought so I'm just going to be all random.

Why do customers not read their coupons? They see a percentage off and assume it's 30% off and then get mad at me when it's 15%. Well you should have read the coupon! Also, they come in days before the say trying to use said coupon. Hello, read the dates genius! Furthermore, even if the customer understands the correct percentage they will be saving and when to use their coupon they fight with me when I tell them that they have to put their purchase on their Kohl's Charge. Again, read the damn coupon! Why would Kohl's just be giving out 30-20-15% off coupons without a catch? That would mean that anyone could get those discounts; doesn't work like that. Customers not reading their coupons really makes me aggravated only because the coupon clearly answers all their questions, they just choose not to read it because they are lazy!

Oh yeah, coupons make customers go crazy! I have seen the same customer, last Friday, this Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday buying over a $100.00 worth of items each time. It's a lady in her 30's. Does she not have a job? Because she is always in Kohl's buying stuff and has prolly spent more than $400.00 in less than 2 weeks. I don't even make that much in two weeks. Sad, I know. Kohl's sucks. I will prolly see her tomorrow too, lol.

Ah! Something else I have noticed while being at Kohl's. No matter what register I go to, more customers *always* collect by my register. I don't know why, and I've purposly moved around to different registers to check this theory out, but every time I look around I have the longest line or I always have a customer and no one else does. Why?! Leave me alone for once so I can text on my cell that we aren't suppose to carry. Shhhhhhhhh, don't tell it's the only form of amusement I have during the day. lol

What else also peeves me at work. Oh!!!!!!!!! The big kicker...My superiors hounding me to have customers opening a Kohl's Charge. Not one single day goes by without me being bugged by multiple people to get a Kohl's Charge. It's so annoying, and most of my superiors make me feel bad if I don't get any Credits (opening up Kohl's Charge). It's so very ridiculous. I continually get harrassed at work on an hourly basis to get credit. "We need to get on the board," "We need to get a credit," "I haven't 'Code C, Ashley' yet," "Have you gotten a charge yet?" I get these questions more than 10 times a day by multiple people, that is harassment! Yesterday my boss pages me over the intercom and says to me on the phone, "I am concerned you have not gotten a credit today". Then when I go into the break room to get my stuff to leave, my boss stops me and says in a very stern tone, "You have to get credit. It's your job to get credit, there is no excuse." No excuse? How about I can't have a customer who is under idenity theft open up a charge card because her account is frozen, or I can't get a credit because someone doesn't speak English properly to understand me. Or because they do not want to give out their social security number, or because they are under age, or because the interest rate on the card is too high, or because they closed their account and don't want to open it up again, or because they have no credit and cannot open an account. Are those good enough excuses that I hear customers tell me EVERY day when I ask them to open up a Kohl's charge? He said he was going to talk to everyone about this issue, but today I asked if others were paged over the intercom or talked to in person and found out that no one else was, which means that he was singling me out! Why? WTF did I do? Then he threatend me and said if I don't get credit then I don't get hours. That is illegal and my Mom, who works for the government, is looking into that! Also, his theory does not seem to make any sense because one week I opened up 5 credits, and then the next week I only had ONE day of work. How does that work? I got them credit and they still didn't give me hours. So to me it sounds like either way I am fucked for hours. Thanks Kohl's, I cannot expect great things from you so change you damn slogan.

Also on the credit note...today I got there at 8am, I was the first cashier there until someone came in at 9am. I opened up all the registers, by myself with customers coming and going. Oh, and I even got the first credit of the day before 9am. The line-up stated that I was staying up front for the day because I leave at 2pm, a 6hr shift that if you punch out a minute after 6hrs, you are deduced 30 minutes for lunch, which means that you lose money for working harder---fucking lame! Anyways, Lisa told Bonnie to tell me to go to the mall at 10am. Now the mall is like punishment because you are all by yourself and when you call for additional cashier, no one comes to help you---surprise there? I think not. So, I am banished to the mall...I am *ALWAYS* the one they send to the mall. So I talk to Lisa and explain this to her. She tells me that she is rotating all the cashiers to the mall, which messes up the line-up. What is the point of the line-up if it is constantly changed? There is NO point. So Lisa sees my point and says that I do not have to go to the mall at 10am. At 10am Lamoza pages me to the mall! I told Lamoza that Lisa said I could stay up front and she tells me,"Well no one is here right now, you have to stay here." Then the girl who was suppose to be at the mall is taking my place up front, which means I am stuck at the mall ALL day! So when Lisa walks by I ask her why I am still at the mall; I hate being the bitch at work. She says if I can get a credit I will be back up front. So she LIED to me. Anyways, I get a credit and what happens? I am still stuck at the mall! Lisa does nothing. I fucking hate this store.

Today I was so pumped to talk to Mark,the boss, about what happend on Thursday, but guess what? Mark was conveniently not in work today! Guess I will have to have a talk with him on Monday when I work next. Boy is he going to get an ear full.

Does anyone know if stores are suppose to carry asprin in their first-aid kit? I am pretty sure they are required by law, but Kohl's does not...what a shocker there.

I swear if on Monda I get any shit, I am leaving my register and marching down to Marks office and having a talk with him because I am so fed up with this bullshit. I am a great employee. I am always on time, I even come in on my days off when they need help, and I've missed some of my breaks and not put up a big stink about it becaue it was busy...but NO MORE! I am done. Done! I am taking no more crap.

I would like to see Mark on a register rining for a week, even a day, to see how hard it is to get credit and to see how many times he is rejected by customers. According to Mark it is your fault that the customer is not opening up a charge, so lets see it be HIS fault.

Can you tell how much I despise my job?

An Angry (at Kohls) Mina
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